About us

My name is Debra Medeiros. On December 27th 2010, I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. My days were immediately consumed by one medical appointment after another, probing, biopsies, surgery, radiation therapy, and an invasion into my privacy. My team of doctors were amazing! What wasn’t such a pleasant experience were the exam gowns that I was handed on a daily basis. They were either abrasive white paper, or institutional quality blue fabric gowns. The gown was by far the most impersonal part of the entire experience. They did not promote a feeling of Well Being, Femininity, or Aesthetic Beauty, and left you feeling exposed and vulnerable. During one of my sleepless nights battling the “Cancer Demons” I had an “Aha” moment. Based on my daily visits to John Muir Hospitals
Imaging Center, my Oncologist, Radiation Oncologist, and Surgeon, I was convinced that I had a better solution for women going through such a life changing experience. Skilled in sewing I designed an exam gown that would maintain a woman’s vanity, while allowing the medical practitioner complete access to the breasts, lymph glands, and lungs. Women going through cancer want more, they want to feel beautiful and pampered, and they want to know that you truly care.